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Sales Training

For over a decade, Lawrence Associates LLC has been engaged with enterprise-level product groups and world-wide field sales groups. Our reputation in training and readiness reflects the following:

Enhancing Field Sales Results

    • An ideal blend of business acumen, understanding of sales and customers, and a hunger to reach end users by delivering your key messages globally across any platform
    • Consistently high user course satisfaction scores and completion rates
    • Improved performance that is documented through increased close rates and manager reviews
    • Deep domain expertise with world-wide field sales organizations
    • For 20+ years, our consultants, instructional designers and trainers have enjoyed broad involvement in worldwide technology-based training and performance support across multiple industries in both public and private sectors
    • One-stop resource for rapid development of performance support and JIT (just in time) solutions such as podcasts and reference materials
    • Deep understanding of enterprise-level corporate and field-sales culture & systems

Execution Excellence

    • Dependability, predictability and quality for training design and deployment
    • Development and delivery of Instructor-led, On-demand and Virtual Instructor-led training, On-line Reference Guides, Videos, Mobile deliveries and more
    • Proactive project management that reduces burdens and surprises on the part of program managers and stakeholders - on-time, within-budget deliverables
    • Excellent customer service (with stakeholders and their internal customers)

See an example of one of most successful courses - Developing a Value Proposition here.