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Developing a Value Proposition

Course Objectives   

  • Distill the value proposition of your product or service into a single-sentence, clearly-stated financial argument.   
  • Directly align the costs and key benefits of a solution to the customer's needs and strategic goals.
  • Connect the sales team to the key decision-makers
  • within the customer organization.     
  • Arm your key sponsors and stakeholders with a compelling business case to secure the required resources and internal support for your solution. 
  • Address risk proactively and neutralize it as a decision inhibitor. 

Benefits of Attending

 Who Should Attend

Customer-facing sales professionals, including:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Technical Support
  • Field Marketing Specialists
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Specialists
  • Sales/Service Leadership




Construct a Winning Business Case

Solution selling has changed dramatically.  In today’s value-focused environment, decision-makers require a financial justification for virtually every significant investment.   Developing a Value Proposition workshops provide the sales training necessary to develop, deliver, and defend a distinctive value proposition.  A single sentence summary, supported by a business case, shows the potential value a business solution will bring to a customer, with financial measures that clearly articulate the value created for the business as a result of the investment.

 Sample Value Proposition

“An investment of $250K in our {product/solution} should help decrease the time-to-market for your product development by 10%, allow you to reach your stated objective of growing market share by 5% over the next year, thereby achieving your targeted increase in net income $500K, and result in an IRR over a 3-year period of 100%.” 


This course should be required for all sales related people in our company...  (Munich, Apr 2012)

The best class I have taken in years... (Oslo, Mar 2012)

This is one of the best trainings I have ever attended, thank you.

(Prague, Mar 2012)

I found this exceptionally beneficial... (Johannesburg, Jan 2012)

Every account manager and every account team unit manager needs to attend this course. (Chevy Chase, Maryland, Dec 2011)